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You have a large dataset with some compelling insights, but you are still far away to figure out how to extract those insights or have a glimpse of statistics on the data. Pandas come in very handy in those situations.

Pandas quickly read and understand data and give you insights so you can be more efficient at your role. To get started with pandas, we need to get comfortable with two data structures in pandas Series and Data Frame. …

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Undivided and focused attention is the key to high-performance achievers. recent studies found that the constant reaction to emails, texts, IMs has an adverse effect on the brain, it shortens the attention span.

How we develop the addiction

We check our phone first thing in the morning and we kind of lost in the deep hole of the notifications, emails, and out of curiosity, one video leads to another. When we hear a sound on a new message our brain releases a little shot of dopamine. This dopamine provides us pleasure. It stimulates us to react and respond…

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We all are familiar with the things we need to do on our to-do list. If we also make a not-to-do list our subconscious brain thinks of it as a to-do list. By being conscious of which task to avoid, our brain automatically channels our energy into things that we want to do.

Trying to do everything

All the tasks are not equal by their value and results. Find out which task provides you more value, even use the 80/20 principle of Pareto, the top 20% tasks that give you 80% of the…

Proven steps to control your money and generate wealth

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Recently I read a book named The richest man in Babylon written by George S. Clason. This book provides valuable lessons on how people generate wealth in ancient Babylon and is regarded as the classic of personal finance.

Here are key points about personal finance that can help you manage your money:

Pay Yourself First

NO matter how much money you are earning. A Part of all you earn is yours to keep. It can be 500 dollars a week or 1000 dollars a week, always pay yourself first. Pay yourself 10 % of your income whenever you get one. …

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NO matter which strategies you tend to apply to avoid procrastination, you can’t complete everything on your to-do list.

You have to procrastinate on something. So, therefore, you can choose to deliberately procrastinate on small tasks that have less impact on our goals.

Do the biggest, ugliest daunting task first and leave the less ugly smaller tasks for procrastination. Everyone procrastinates. The only difference between high achievers and underachievers is what they choose to procrastinate on.

Choose which things to procrastinate on

You will procrastinate anyway, so just procrastinate on low-value activities. Delegate and outsource those activities that don't make any contributions towards your life goals…

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Kanban is a Japanese word that means “visual signal”, or “card”. It is a visual way to manage the workflow as it moves through the process. Kanban works in a simpler way, you must know where you are so you can go to your desired destination.

Kanban is a popular project management tool that uses an agile framework for software development. The main benefits of using Kanban are transparency and communication for the whole team about what is overdue and what items need to be work on. …

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Richard P. Feynman was an American theoretical physicist and famously known for his work in the path integral formulation of quantum mechanics,

He also excelled in quantum computing and introduced the concept of nanotechnology. For his contribution to the development of quantum electrodynamics, he won the Nobel prize in physics in the year 1965.

He spent the most time in Caltech and sharing his knowledge and research on his work. He introduced a concept that can explain complex equations with ease known as the Feynman diagram. …

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We all have this tendency to focus on the work as it comes along. This is not a good strategy for doing good work and achieving your goals. When people set the right goals for the right reasons, they most likely to achieve their goals.

However, if one just goes forward without any direction or goal in mind, eventually lose all interest in the way and fall flat. Because we don’t know what we are aiming for.

We always have goals that we want to accomplish. OKR helps to generate action towards those…

Focus on alertness and energy.

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Do you ever feel like you had worked the whole day but in the end, you have nothing to show for??

Do you ever feel like you have done so much but that doesn’t add much value to your daily goals?

Stanford professor and neuroscientist, Andrew Huberman explains how you can optimize your brain to be more productive and effective to learn and accomplish more with simple techniques.

Schedule your task around energy level

Our brain is the most complex thing in the universe. It doesn’t want to do the hard work however it can give you astounding results, once you know it works.

So rather…

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If you want to be enormously successful

It doesn’t matter how much-hidden potential or talent you think you have. you may have a thousand certificates or skills but if you are unable to deliver the project they are of no use.

Going to the gym once won’t make you fit.

Writing one article once a week won’t make you a writer.

You have to start somewhere pick something and keep on doing it until you get better at it. Whatever you want to do just do it every day. the start will be always the hardest, but eventually, it will become easier along the way. …

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